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A Cup That Helps!

“...has the power to
transform fundraising into
a fun, interactive process.”

We always enjoy working with Tom Woodard at Westwood Avenue. When he came to us to create a new website for a non-profit business venture, Cups Help, we were happy to get involved. It is a great program that helps with fundraising. It’s a pretty simple concept that generates great results. The idea is to purchase a cup to support a favorite charity or cause and every time your cup gets refilled at a participating store, money goes to help the charity or cause. It’s a win-win for everyone! Using Jim Vienneau’s illustrations, we kept the web design lighthearted and simple to reflect the idea behind the program.

From a coding standpoint, we are excited about the next phase of the website. It will include cool features that will allow users to create personalized cups by uploading their own graphics in real time. We will also be creating an interactive tracking system that will let users track how much money they have raised through their cup and compete with their friends, families and co-workers. By giving users the freedom to customize their cup and engaging them through online leaderboards, Cups Help has the power to transform fundraising into a fun, interactive process.

Refillable Fundraising Program

Make a difference every time you refill your beverage. Learn more about Cups Help.
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