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Acme Feed & Seed Opens in Nashville with a Bang

“...won a Gold award at
the 2015 Nashville Addys
Awards competition.”

Acme Feed & Seed is a new restaurant located on Lower Broad, in the base of honky tonk row. The 4 story building offers distinctly different experiences on each floor — 1st Floor: upscale honky-tonk bar and restaurant, 2nd Floor: cocktail lounge & sushi, 3rd floor: concert hall and 4th floor rooftop bar. We were super excited to collaborate with Buntin’s designer, Don Bailey, on creating a new website for this unique restaurant.

The Acme website had several goals, aside from just providing restaurant information such as menus and hours of operation. The site also needed to have an online store that could sell over 100 products, a system to book private events and a calendar to showcase multiple music events. By integrating the site with a custom content management system, we were able to accomplish these objectives, while still allowing for the flexibility to add additional content types in the future. We were excited to learn that the site won a Gold award at the 2015 Nashville Addys Awards competition.

Feeling Hungry?

With four floors of food, cocktails and entertainment, Acme Feed & Seed offers an diverse dining experience.
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