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VOS Gets a New Look

“...a website that
doesn't sacrifice content
for functionality.”

We were so excited to redesign the website for VOS (Veterinary Ophthalmology Services). Not only are they compassionate and skilled at helping animals with their eyes, but they are also a dream client to work with. They wanted a clean, contemporary, professional look that also still felt warm and inviting. They have a lot of information on their site, so it was a challenge organizing all the content in a way that was easy for the user to navigate through. We were able to achieve this with well-thought-out design and content organization.

One of VOS’s primary concerns for their new website was ensuring that it would work as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops. By coding the site to be fully responsive, we were able to present a significant amount of content without it being overwhelming to the user, regardless of the device. We also utilized¬†interactive accordion-style menus that present “on-demand” content to the user in an intuitive way.¬†The end result is a website that doesn’t sacrifice content for functionality.

Leader of the Pack

For over twenty years, VOS has been the leading provider of ophthalmology services in the Middle Tennessee area.
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